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Reputed as the "Neurosurgeon of the Millenium", Dr R P Sengupta is a man with a mission. An eminent neurosurgeon practising in the UK since 1961, he was devastated at the lack of treatment facilities in his home town, Kolkata, for the patients suffering from neurological disorders.

Kolkata he knew did not lack skilled doctors, then why did it lack a platform for Neurosciences comprising Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neuropsychiatry? Government hospitals had the necessary skills, but for lack of funds, often failed to provide the specialised facilities required.

Private institutions can be afforded only by a few individuals but even many of these went to faraway places in search of skill and facilities.
Was there no solution to this problem? When immediate care was the need of the hour, would the patient arrive only after spending a lot of time searching for treatment and travelling long distances? The only answer was an institution that would serve the requirements of the people of the North-Eastern states of India; a ‘not for profit’ enterprise, where a dedicated team of skilled professionals would render service in the area of neurological disorders.
A total commitment to his mission inspired his ‘brothers-in-arms’, Professor Chandranath Sen, practising in New York, Professor Abhijit Guha,University of Toronto, Prof. Kiran M. Das, New Jersey, Prof. David Bates, New Jersey and many others to combine their efforts in fulfilling Dr Sengupta’s mission of establishing a unique neurological facility for the city of Kolkata.