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Why I-NK ? How will this institute be different?

Even though there are centres in India which have advanced facilities for neurosurgery, none of these centres are in eastern India. Patients from these states have to travel long distances to be treated for neurological disorders.

Even then, most of the patients cannot afford the costs which are involved.

overnment institutions have the expertise, but not the funds to provide adequate medical services. Again, many centres tend to treat ‘safe’ cases only. A large part of the population is thus devoid of quality neurological treatment.

The Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata ( I-NK) plans to make a difference to this situation.

I-NK is based in the heart of Kolkata. It is thus within reach of 300 million people in the region and neighbouring areas.
Death due to head injuries is often due to delayed treatment or secondary complications. The I-NK Trauma Centre offers dedicated team services to combat these and other injuries on an immediate basis.
The cause of stroke can be diagnosed immediately through modern imaging techniques at the Stroke centre at I-NK. If treated immediately, without wastage of time, stroke patients can recover their paralysis or other severe neurological deficits within a span of time.
Hospital is fully air-conditioned and equipped with 150 beds, 11 fully furnished Examination Rooms, 4 Operation Theatres with state-of-the-art equipment.
Treatment facilities will be available to all sections of society. Treatment is provided at subsidised costs for the less privileged.
20% of the occupied beds are free-beds reserved for underprivileged patients and children.
I-NK has a dedicated team of brilliant neurosurgeons, neurologists, anaesthetics, intensivists, physiotherapists and other rehab experts, trained in the country and overseas, who are capable of providing the best medical attention to critical patients.
Most institutes do not provide any platform for teamwork in treatment and sub-specialization. I-NK promotes global teamwork through constant interaction and video-conferencing with specialists from recognised overseas neurosciences institutions and globally recognised doctors. Thus, frequent case discussions for diagnosis and operations significantly improve the chances of critical patients.
Most institutions do not provide scope for education & research. I-NK offers educational programs for post-graduates and family practitioners and makes way for research in collaboration with doctors abroad.
I-NK also has plans to create a campus for research and education in neuroscience based on reputed models such as Vellore or AIIMS.

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