A Distinctive Significance

A Distinctive Significance

While other regions in the country have facilities for treatment of neurological diseases, the Eastern part lacks such establishments. The Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata is a project promoting the credibility of Neuroscience, specially Neurosurgery in Kolkata.

An emphasis on Paediatric Neurology is the focus of the organization. Comprehensive paediatric neurological care is an important yet underestimated part of childcare. The Institute plans to bring in programs and provide levels of treatment never before available in Eastern India, such as surgery for incurable epilepsy, movement disorder.

The region offers little in the care of Psychiatric problems which often appear after a stroke / head injury. Modern medical and surgical treatment can cure most patients, specially in the areas of Drug dependency, cognitive impairment and poor milestone development.

Death due to head injuries is often due to delayed treatment or secondary complications. The Trauma Centre offers dedicated team services to combat these and other injuries.

The cause of stroke can be diagnosed immediately through modern imaging techniques at a stroke centre. If treated immediately without wastage of time, the chances of recovery of stroke patients from paralysis or other severe neurological deficits are significantly increased.

The Institute offers ‘Endovascular therapy which can be an alternative to surgery in many vascular cases with skilled specialists in the field.