Chronic Pain Management

Pain lasting for more than three months or the expected time of healing is called chronic pain.

Apart from the distress, chronic pain negatively affects the quality of life. The accompanying psychological and neurological components of chronic pain make it difficult to treat and hence need an interdisciplinary approach.

The Rehabilitation Medicine specialist doctors evaluate, diagnose and provide the pharmacological and interventional pain management along with guidance to lifestyle modification while a team of expert physiotherapist and occupational therapists prescribe an appropriate exercise program. Along with exercises there is extensive use of electrotherapy modalities and advanced technologies for a multimodal approach to pain management. Often an appropriate assistive device or a specific orthosis is required which is custom made by the Orthotist in the department.  Patient is also evaluated by our Rehabilitation Psychologist and a patient specific counseling and cognitive behavior therapy program is designed.

This holistic approach to chronic pain management is available only at the department of neurorehabilitation.