Neuro-Intensive Care

The department of neurointensive care deals with life-threatening diseases of brain, spinal cord and nerves. It has a 150 bedded well-equipped ICU and 16 bedded high dependence unit (HDU). The spectrum of  diseases treated in the neurointensive unit include traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain hemorrhage, epilepsy, neuropathies, spinal cord injuries, brain infection and various other diseases affecting consciousness.

Besides dealing with critical illness of the nervous system, neurointensivists also treat the medical complications that may occur in their patients, including those of the heart, lung, kidneys, or any other body system. The neurointensivists collaborate with  neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiologists, critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation therapists, and social workers who all work together in order to provide coordinated care for the critically ill neurologic patient

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