Support of neuropathology is critical for diagnosis of neurological and neurosurgical patients. INK has team of neuropathologists expert in tissue diagnosis of various tumors, degenerative brain diseases, nerve and muscle diseases.


  • Fully automated, advanced, high quality Laboratory
  • 24 x 7 Emergency Pathology service available
  • Facility of Home collection & Report delivery
  • Intra operative diagnostic facility by Squash Cytology
  • Specialised Neuro histopathology & cytology with special stains
  • Facility of all Neuro Pathological & Paediatric Pathological tests
  • Aerobic, Anaerobic, Fungal, TB, any body fluid/ tissue culture & sensitivity service
  • Various Neuro specific drugs & hormone assays
  • Facility of CSF analysis & all special test 24 x 7
  • We receive all type of samples, even at night time
  • Efficient, fully dedicated, expert staffs
  • Same day report facility of routine samples*


  • Fully automated three part Hematology analyzer
  • Fully automated Coagulometer
  • Fully automated Chemistry analyzer
  • Blood Gas (ABG) analyzer
  • Fully automated Culture machine (BD BACTEC)
  • Fully automated ISE analyzer
  • Microtome (Lyca)
  • Laminar Flow machine

Quality Assurance Programme:

  • External Quality Control- with CMC, Vellore (EQUAS)
  • Daily Internal Quality Control by Bio- Rad, Merck & Siemens
  • Inter Laboratory Quality Assurance

Neuro Specific Tests:

  • Neuro histopathology
  • Intra operative Squash Cytology
  • CSF analysis & all special tests on CSF (like ADA , Oligoconal band, TB PCR, HSV PCR, VZV PCR, India ink, Fungal culture)
  • Drug assays like Phenytoin
  • pANCA, cANCA, Anti dsDNA, ANA, Anti Phospholipid Antibody, Anti Cardiolipin Antibody, Cerulloplasmin, Urinary & Serum Copper
  • All type of culture & sensitivity done

Other Services:

  • We accept all type of histopathology, routine & special tests
  • Cardiac Profile tests
  • Neuro Profile tests
  • Diabetic panel tests
  • Liver & Renal function panel tests
  • Rheumatiod panel tests
  • Gastric/ Gastro profile tests

Introducing pathology of Muscle / Nerve biopsy and beyond

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