• Advanced and latest 1.5T MRI, multi slice CT, flat panel DSA, USG/Doppler and 500mA X-Ray.
  • 24HR X-Ray and CT scan facility
  • Imaging done by dedicated and trained Neuroradiology technicians
  • Same day delivery of reports by expert Neuroradiologist
  • Very interactive and cooperative staffs
  • Comfortable and friendly environment


  • Dedicated Neuroradiologist trained in Neuroimaging and Interventional Neuroradiology from Sree Chitra Tirumal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology, Trivandrum (Central Govt. Institute under Dept. of Science & Technology) & UK
  • Dedicated Neuro MRI / CT technicians trained to do high quality imaging
  • Trained Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) technician
  • Trained X-ray technician
  • Trained Nursing staff for routine and emergency management

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

  • 1.5 T superconducting MRI from SIEMENS (Magnetom Avanto) with all latest software
  • Very high quality imaging of brain, spine and musculo-skeletal system
  • Advanced Neuroimaging consisting of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), Spectroscopy, Perfusion study, Susceptibility weighted Imaging (SWI) and fMRI (functional MRI of brain)
  • Advanced imaging for detecting and staging brain tumors
  • Stroke imaging
  • Dedicated imaging for epilepsy, dementia and Parkinson?s disease
  • MR angiography and venography of brain using pressure injectors
  • MR CSF flow study
  • High resolution cranial nerve imaging
  • High resolution brachial plexus imaging
  • Whole spine imaging
  • High resolution imaging of joints like shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints
  • Safe and dedicated Neuroanaesthesia for pediatric patients and uncooperative patients

CT (Computed Tomography)

  • Advanced Multislice CT scanner from Siemens (16 slice Emotion)
  • Very fast and high resolution imaging of brain, spine, abdomen, thorax and other areas of body
  • High resolution imaging orbits, Para nasal sinuses & Mastoids
  • Multiplanar and 3 dimensional reconstruction of skull, spine and other body parts
  • CT angiography of brain, carotids, thoracic and abdominal vessels
  • Neuro DSA facility for brain angiography
  • CT guided FNAC and Biopsy of chest and abdominal masses
  • CT guided spine biopsy
  • CT guided interventions like vertebroplasty & facet joint injection
  • Trauma imaging

Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)

  • Latest single plane flat panel digital angiography system from SIEMENS (Axiom Artis ZEE)
  • Four vessel angiography of brain with 3 Dimensional reconstruction facility
  • All types of Angiography and venography of neck, spine, abdomen & limbs
  • Facility for Dyna CT
  • Interventions like-
    Aneurysm coiling
    Pre operative tumor embolization
    Carotico-cavernous fistula balloon embolization
    Onyx embolization of brain AVM and DAVF
    Acute stroke thrombolysis
    Spinal DAVF and AVM embolization
    Facet joint injection and block

USG & Doppler

  • Latest USG/Doppler machine from SIEMENS (X300 Premium Edition)
  • Whole body ultrasound including small body parts like orbit, thyroid and joints
  • Equipped with transducers for all arterial, venous Doppler study
  • Carotid and renal Doppler study
  • Facility of color echocardiography
  • Trans cranial USG and Doppler facility
  • USG guided interventions like FNAC and Biopsy


  • 500 mA and 120 mA (portable) X-ray machines from SIEMENS
  • Digital Radiography (Computed Radiography) system from Fuji
  • All types of body X-ray
  • Dynamic X-ray study of spine and joints
  • High quality portable X-ray for sick patients in ITU / HDU
  • Fluoroscopy guided procedures

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