Movement disorders

I-NK has up to the minutes clinical modules and maps in Movement Disorder. I-NK conducts regular OPD clinic in Movement Disorder headed by internationally acclaimed Movement Disorder Specialist Dr. Hrishikesh Kumar, Dr. Jacky Ganguly and adept team. Specific clinic for botulinum toxin injection is organised every week. We cater botulinum toxin injection in accordance with EMG and USG guidance to contemplate critical and complicated indications apart from dystonia and spasticity that come regularly. Present day and ahead of time modern treatment like deep brain stimulation is done here consistently. I-NK ushers special clinic for DBS (deep brain stimulation) programming orchestrated by distinctively trained professionals and leaders in movement disorder. We are pioneer in Eastern India to introduce Apomorphine Infusion therapy in Advanced Parkinson’s Disease that turns refractory to pharmacotherapy as disease evolves. We expedite genetic testing for array of rare movement disorders. There is genetic counselling sessions by renowned geneticists as integral part of movement disorder programme. MDS-AOS (Movement Disorder Society-Asian and Oceanian Section) enlisted fellowship in movement disorder is intrinsic to academic and clinical schedule. I-NK dispenses state of the art assistance in entire spectrum of movement disorder.